Designed to feed both body and soul, the "Potager" or "Ornamental Kitchen Garden" is the ultimate combination of parterre and vegetable patch.  Fruits & vegetables, flowers & herbs, are artfully arranged in symmetrical garden beds that are surrounded by low clipped box hedges.  These individual plots, separated by sand or gravel paths,  are precisely placed to form striking geometric patterns.

TTR-KITCHEN GARDEN-CABBAGE & ROSE is intended to form the centrepiece of just such a Potager with its quadrants surrounding a lively little fountain.  As its name suggests, it is filled with Ornamental Cabbages & Roses as well as Lavender, Daisies, Blue Primroses, Blue Agapanthus and Meadow Grass that sways gentle in the breeze.

The Rose Bushes & Rose Topiaries come in three colours (Soft Pink, Dark Pink & Yellow). The Ornamental Cabbages come in four colour combinations (Pink, Yellow, Pink & Yellow, Yellow & Pink)

The Fountain has four settings (water on, water off, sound on & sound off)

All parts are mod/copy so that you can rearrange and make changes to your heart's content.  Note that scripts are copy only.

All flowers & garden beds are mesh while the fountain and sand base are prim based.  Every piece has been optimized to be Land Impact (LI) conscious.

The complete garden covers an area 14m x 14m and has a total LI=55 as provided (each 6m x 6m Quadrant(12); Fountain(6); Base(1)).

It sets up with the touch of a rez box for instant visual impact.  The rez box is quite tall as it is located in the centre of the garden for easy placement. When you have everything arranged in the perfect spot make sure to SAVE or STORE before you delete the rez box.

TTR-KITCHEN GARDEN-CABBAGE & ROSE is on display along with other coordinated garden beds at The Queen's House.

Also Available on the Second Life Marketplace.

Happy Gardening! Tatiana

P.S. Here's some general information about Potagers or Ornamental Kitchen Gardens.

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