Les Amis de Coeur

The Duché de Coeur is a friendly and romantic land inspired by France during The Age of Enlightenment (17th-19th centuries).

This far-ranging estate offers many activities including boating, horseback riding, carriage rides, dancing, games, shopping and both residential & business rentals.

The group (here & inworld) is open to anyone who is interested. If you would like to participate in the growth of the community, we can discuss a role for you.

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 Skye Varriale takes us through this whirlwind tour of the Duché de Coeur.  Enjoy!

Designing Worlds vists the Duché de Coeur

On March 1, 2013, Saffia Widdershins & Elrik Merlin of Designing Worlds visited us in the Duché and subsequently created this wonderful travelogue.

As well as highlighting some of the Duché's most beautiful areas, this provides some wonderful insights into the history of the Duché, its development and  its general philosophy.

Read more about it at Designing Worlds explores the beautiful Duchy of the Coeurs

Travel back in time where you can meet pirates, statesmen, royalty, or just the common man or woman. Perhaps you would like to float over a castle and farmland in a balloon, or down raging rapids in a rowboat. Maybe a cross-country jaunt on your horse or a leisurely carriage ride to keep your feet on the ground!

Find out more at the official Duché de Coeur web site.

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